Effortless Beauty

Photography as an Expression of Eye, Mind, and Heart – by Julie DuBose

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With Effortless Beauty, Julie DuBose brings a new perspective to photography. She talks in an intimate way not just about how we express our experience with our camera, but about a whole new and fresh way to experience our visual world altogether. She guides us through the process of seeing without our usual habitual ways of experiencing what we see, so that we can have vivid, mind-stopping visual perceptions, and express those perceptions exactly as we see them.

This book is a road map for taking a different kind of photograph, which might even lead to a different kind of living: direct living through direct seeing. 

“This is our world. It has a heart beat and our blood runs through it, like a river of life and feeling, with qualities of hard, soft, wet, smooth, full, empty, lonely, and joyful. We can express the experience of direct living with our camera. The images will be real, the genuine article. They carry within them our heart, our mind—the blood of our experience.”

Julie DuBose, from Effortless Beauty

“In this book we are presented with a new paradigm of how to visually engage and express our world. Using ordinary language and stunning imagery that is accessible to everyone, Julie DuBose de-mystifies the medium of photography, which can be overly complicated and driven by long established templates and digital wizardry. She takes us through an open doorway by encouraging us to remain still, gentle, receptive, and genuine in the way that we see our day-to-day life and how we express it in our photographs. By doing so, she transcends the traditional approach and subject matter of conventional photography and takes us on a personal and engaging journey through her world as she experiences it—simply and directly. Julie encourages us to let go of the continuous distractions involved in the modern world and to live our lives ‘fully met’ in the present moment.”

Michael Wood, Co-Author of ‘Opening the Good Eye: A Path to True Seeing’