Effortless Beauty Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. The Birthplace of Unconditional Expression

2. Learning to See Through Letting Go

3. Hot, Joyful, and Ripe: Perception Beyond Thought
Openness, Genuineness, Confidence

4. True Perception, True Expression

5. Cultivating a Mind of Simplicity
Fully Present, Free from Self Absorption and Distraction

6. The Main Ingredients: Stillness and Intention

7. Developing New Sight

8. Flashes of Lightning

9. Coming to a Full Stop

10. Developing Trust in Our Experience

11. Resting Fully in Our Perception

12. The Image as Completion

13. Unwound and Relaxed
The Pause that Refreshes

14. Intimate Seeing: Engaging the Body and Mind

15. The Gateway to Perception: Dissolving Boredom

16. Making Contact

17. Exploring Fields of Perception

18. Sad Joy
Seeing as Receiving
The Smile of Recognition
The Tender Open Heart

19. The Heat of Direct Perception
The Door is Open
Falling in Love

20. Visually Conscious Living: Making Room for Beauty in Our Lives
Paying Attention
Being Deliberate is a Lifestyle Choice
Ordinary World, Ordinary Magic
The Pond
Our Home is a Palace

21. Essential Simplicity
Keeping it Fresh
Working with the Obstacle of Continuous Distraction
How the Practice of Conscious Seeing Disrupts
Continuous Distraction

Allowing Ourselves the Space to Be Undistracted
Keeping it Fresh/Working with Uncertainty

22 Image Viewing as Practice
Editing is a Reflection of Our State of Mind

23 When Direct Seeing Becomes Part of Who You Are

24 The Fully Met Life