Miksang On-Line Workshops FAQ

Please take note that the first course in the Miksang Curriculum, “Opening The Good Eye: The Mechanics of Seeing”, is a workshop about perception, learning to be open, available and receptive to seeing the world of form and the many varied aspects of our visual world. The assignments and visual practices are about developing the depth of our perceptual palate.

We photograph exclusively in color and do not focus on any classic conventional photography themes, such as landscape and nature. We do not shoot in black and white or use Photoshop

Required Reading Material: To develop a clear understanding of the overview of Miksang Contemplative Photography and to be prepared for what takes place in the Mechanics of Seeing workshop, we require that you have read the following e-book:

Opening the Good Eye: A Path to True Seeing

General Course Requirements:

• A good working knowledge of your camera.
• A computer with camera and microphone for ZOOM Meetings
• The ability to transfer your images to your computer.
• The ability to transfer images to a Dropbox Folder you will be provided with.

In order to understand the nature of the Miksang Journey before you make the decision to register, it is essential that you watch the videos on this page, especially, “Quiet Mind: Meditation for Real Life” and How Miksang Has Changed Our Lives”

What kind of camera do I need for a course? 
Any digital camera with a removable SD card.
Also iPhone Models 11, 12, 13 or 14 Pro Versions with triple lenses. 


What kind of computer do I need for a course? You need a computer with a camera and microphone for ZOOM Meetings and with photo-editing software. Please familiarize yourself with your computer’s digital imaging software before the class. We recommend as the best option an Apple Computer using iPhoto or Photos for editing. P.C. Laptops are fine, however they are much slower for this type of work. Miksang Institute personnel cannot provide any advice or assistance on Windows-based computers.


Do I need previous photographic experience to take this course? No. However, you should learn as much as you can about your camera and the basics of photography in advance of the course. You can set your camera on program or automatic to begin with and improve your skills as you go.

In Miksang Courses we are interested in forming the equivalent of our perceptions through the medium of photography, and having control over the exposure, depth of field, focal point and exposure compensation etc. helps us do that. So, know as much as you can prior to the workshop.


What other equipment do I need? None. We do not use tripods, flashes or special effects filters.


Can I miss parts of the course? The first class or evening introduction is essential. The workshop has a natural flow and each part of it is important to the overall experience, so full participation is strongly recommended. Fortunately, since this is an online course and is being recorded, if a class has to be missed, the recording can be viewed and images can be submitted for viewing and discussion in the following class.