The Miksang Institute for Contemplative Photography

The Miksang Institute of Contemplative Photography® has been established to present the Miksang Training curriculum and the expression of direct, non-conceptual visual experience through various related disciplines.

The Institute will present courses in the core Miksang Training curriculum as well as courses designed to teach the integration of the practice of Miksang principles into contemplation Rooms. art education and art therapy, film making, printing, and familiarity with the medium of digital photography and its use in the expression of Miksang images.

Each summer the Institute will hold a 3 -5 week module which will include courses in the basic curriculum as well as more advanced courses in applied application. It is our hope that this format will make it possible for students who wish to study Miksang in an intensive setting to immerse themselves fully in this practice before returning home. Each course can be taken on its own, provided the pre-requisites have been met, or in succession.

The Miksang Institute has no relationship to nor any affiliation with any other contemplative photography organizations or teachers, and only workshops taken with Miksang Institute Teachers  are counted as pre-requisites for any Institute programs.

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Director and Co-Founder

   Julie DuBose

• Miksang Instructor, All Levels
• Co-Founder of the Miksang Institute
• Co-Founder of Miksang Publications
• B.A. Wellesley College
• Halifax, Nova Scotia

Director and Co-Founder

Michael Wood

• Original Founder of Miksang Training
• Co-Founder of the Miksang Institute
• Co-Founder of Miksang Publications
• Miksang Instructor in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia
• Former Management Consultant to the Miksang Institute
• Diploma in Photography from Sheridan Visual Arts School
Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)
Lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia