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Practicing Miksang is akin to wanting to see what is on the other side of a dirty window. You can only see what is outside when the window is cleaned and purified. The word ‘Miksang’ is translated as ‘Good Eye’, which means that we all have the innate ability to see without our thinking mind filtering and obscuring the directness of our perceptions.


Miksang also has another translation, Pure Eye, or Purified Eye. ‘Purifying’ comes close to describing the point of Miksang Practice. The Miksang Training Process has been carefully developed, with five escalating levels of study. 

However, we could say that the whole journey is simply a bottle of Windex.


With any window, the more obscured it is, the more difficult it is to see what is actually outside. Everything we do in every class, with every assignment, is simply the path of purifying and cleaning. In the end, as a result of discipline, we realize there never were obscurations, or even a window for that matter – just the world as it is – pure.

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