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Letting Go In Miksang

The following is a conversation between Julie and a student:  Hi Julie, I noticed that very few people seem to be asking questions related to practice on your blog. I am not sure why this is so, as I know you are more than willing to share your thoughts on a variety of topics. But regardless, I thought I would …

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Beyond the Obstacle of Continuous Distraction


In the first level of Miksang Training we talk about the two primary obstacles to seeing. The first of these is not being available to see and connect with our world. The most extreme example of this is when we daydream and are completely absorbed in our own internally produced movies. We are completely distracted and perceptually blind. We don’t …

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Essential Simplicity


Hello Julie, I was touched by your remark in your last blog: ‘The obstacle of familiarity and labeling is a root of not being able to shoot a product with freshness….’That’s exactly the point I’ve been wrestling with for the last month. I was feeling so much resistence (hate..hate!) against ‘already seen’ Miksang images. Even if I had a real …

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