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What is Effort in Miksang

It is important to remember what we are doing when we turn our mind to become available to our visual world. Effort is not a struggle to be present, to see in a fresh way. It is simply the act of remembering. What are we remembering? We remember to bring ourselves into the present and to relax into our open, …

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Transforming Our Experience


As students of direct perception, we have applied ourselves to various exercises, assignments, and discussion to understand what we have to do to make our experience of seeing and expressing genuine and fresh. This is what we all want, or we would be taking conventional photography courses or art appreciation courses. But until we experience for ourselves what it is …

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Every Meeting is First Contact


The following is an email exchange between someone who attended an Opening the Good Eye course and myself. I hope that it is helpful! Thank you so much to A. who took the time to submit her questions for the benefit of everyone. We all share many questions about what we experience in our Miksang practice. Please send your questions to …

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