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Editing in Contemplative Photography: Why Now is the Perfect Time to Clean Out Your Image Library

Images are like the children, the offspring of our experience of seeing. Reconnecting with them in Editing is like recognizing ourselves in our progeny. So no wonder it seems like too much to ask of ourselves to discriminate against what we have produced. We are being judgmental, not allowing the one’s that do not shine with the energy of life …

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What Is Miksang Really?, Revisited

There are many people these days that feel a connection to contemplative photography, and it can be confusing and difficult for the aspiring contemplative photographer to clarify the method, the motivation, and measure of what we see and do within this path. There are a number of different strains of contemplative photography, and there are myriad versions of what this …

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When We Lose the Scent of Fresh

Sometimes in the practice of contemplative photography we can’t seem to find our way back to our experience of being wide open and receptive. We know what it feels like to be fully penetrated by what we are seeing—naked, groundless, uncomfortable and edgy, and strangely exhilarated and could I say, grateful? And then, when we think we have really gotten …

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