Becoming a Miksang teacher

The Miksang Institute receives many inquiries from new and old students alike, asking us how they could become a Miksang Teacher. We very much appreciate the inspiration that often motivates this interest, and as a student completes the Miksang Training curriculum, clarity about one’s desire to teach can bring about a deeper motivation to share one’s understanding with others.

To become an instructor you have to be invited by Michael Wood and Julie DuBose. This would happen when and if you are ready.

You have to take all of the levels with us at least once and probably more than once and complete our teacher training. We have to feel that you have a deep, well-practiced understanding of our Miksang Training curriculum and have integrated Miksang fully into your life. You also need to have experience in meditation practice.

You have to be able to rest your mind in stillness and be unmoving and well seated as you see the world, and manifest this to your students. You have to have and manifest the qualities of curiosity, being deliberate in how you see by paying attention to your world, and passionate about connecting with your visual world. And most of all, you to have an unwavering allegiance to fresh perception. And of course, you need to understand the basics of using the photographic medium to express your perceptions.

The Miksang Institute for Contemplative Photography has a Teacher Training Program available for those who would like to present the path of direct seeing to others and have been invited to attend by Julie DuBose and Michael Wood. These teachings have been carefully developed over the past 36 years by Michael Wood and for the past 19 years by Julie DuBose, and they are both dedicated to training new teachers thoroughly and deeply before they authorize them to teach on behalf of the Miksang Institute for Contemplative Photography.

Admission to the Teacher Training program is by invitation only, and completion of the Miksang Training curriculum is not a guarantee of admission.

For more information on the Miksang Teacher Training process, contact us at