Miksang Teacher Brian Sano

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Miksang is an endless journey about being genuine and letting go. Once we practice slowing down and form an intention to be more available, we can notice and appreciate the vivid magic of the world occuring right in front of our eyes, as it is. Moreover, with this open and playful approach to direct seeing, we can let go of our habitual personal obstacles to truly experiencing our world, including worrying about the past or wondering about the future. We can just simply enjoy the intimacy and immediacy of the present moment, as it unfolds.

Miksang photography tells the truth. It teaches us how to directly perceive and then express not only the phenomenal world but also who we are, on the most basic, authentic level.  As a result, we can transcend the limits we often impose on our relationship with others, our world, and ourselves by labeling everyone and everything we experience.  We all have the ability to open our eyes, minds, and hearts and live a more genuine and even artful life.  Indeed, this is intrinsic in our nature. It starts right here, right now.

I am very inspired to teach this brave approach to directly seeing and appreciating our world and trust that others can also experience the joy, liberation, relaxation, and tranquility that I have through this practice.

I live in Washington, D.C. and offer ‘Opening the Good Eye The Mechanics of Seeing’ and ‘Making Contact’ Workshops anywhere in North America.

Please contact me to arrange a workshop

email: briansano@gmail.com

telephone: (202)-320-5718

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Brian Sano has completed the course of study developed by the Miksang Institute, and and also attended a six-day Teacher Training workshop offered by the Insititute in November, 2010. Brian is certified to teach, ‘Opening the Good Eye’ and ‘Making Contact’, on behalf of the Miksang Institute.