Miksang Study Options

We have been using the Zoom platform for teaching the last two years and have found it to be a great way to connect with students all over the world. We have small classes with lots of discussion and individual feedback and support.
Our first course is open admission and has no pre-requisites. Students should have read Opening the Good Eye: The Path of True Seeing, available on miksang.com in pdf format. 
All subsequent courses are by invitation only.

Between Miksang courses we have continuity meetings for further instruction and feedback that keep us connected and evolving as seers and photographers. 

We can explore options for mentoring with students who have completed the first course “The Mechanics of Seeing”. Please contact us with specifics about your background and reason for mentoring.

Another option for people with busy schedules who have completed the first course: We can combine in-person meetings providing image feedback and discussion with Institute Instructors, with video viewing of other course meetings of the same course. Contact us and explain your situation.

We invite you to consider joining in the stream of ongoing classes and instruction that is happening.