Miksang Study Options

New Flexible Options for Miksang Study

We have been teaching on Zoom for months, and are very happy to have a way to connect with students in a relaxed, ongoing way with small classes and continuity meetings between classes that keep us connected and evolving as seers and photographers. 

We have a number of ways that you can learn Miksang. Now we don’t have to let the differences between time zones and our various schedules to get in the way. 

We have flexibility in how we can work with individual people so that everyone who wants to can continue to study between classes and practice Miksang at their own pace with instructor feedback and support. Students can work on shooting assignments during the week, between meetings, and weave their Miksang training and experience into their day-to-day life. In this way, seeing and photographing become part of our experience of living rather than something we only do at a specially designated time and place.

We are also able to share videos of different course meetings for people with difficult schedules and combine that with in-person meetings with Institute instructors that provide image feedback and discussion. We invite you to consider joining in the stream of ongoing classes and instruction that is happening. Just email us if this flexible approach sounds good to you.