Miksang Videos and Interviews


How Miksang Photography is Unique
An Interview with Michael Wood

How Miksang has Changed Our Lives
A new video that contains wonderful comments by some of our Institute Summer Intensive participants. They talk about how Miksang has affected their experience of seeing in their day to day living, and their approach to artistic expression altogether. 
Julie 2
A Series of Video Clips with Julie DuBose
Julie DuBose discusses topics such as, Developing Discipline, Simplicity, A Wide Range of Experience, The Magical Mystery of Seeing and many more. 
Julie Video Interview with Julie DuBose, Author of ‘Effortless Beauty’
Shambhala/Buddhist Senior Teacher Dan Hessey interviews Julie DuBose about ‘Effortless Beauty: Photography as an Expression of Eye, Mind and Heart.’ In this wide ranging conversation, Julie and Dan discuss the practice of contemplative photography and its impact on her life and the lives of Miksang practitioners.
Michael 2 Quiet Mind: Meditation for Real Life
A six- part series-a health and wellness program of a different kind-introducing 6 authentic traditions of meditation. Quiet Mind provides an opportunity to experience the goal of all meditation practice; an awareness of the present moment. Below is an excerpt from the Miksang Photography Episode of the Quiet Mind Series. Thanks to Omni Films for persmission to include this segment.
M Miksang Contemplative Photography
A documentary produced by Marco Mascarin in 2004 for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in which Michael Wood discusses his Miksang Journey.

Miksang Podcast with Michael Wood

A discussion on the three stages of practice with Paul Giguere, the host of Thoughts on Photography. The link will play a streaming audio file.

Candid Frame Podcast Interview with Julie DuBose with Ibarionex Perello

Candid Frame Radio/Podcast Interview with Michael Wood

Effortless Beauty: Photography as an Expression of Eye, Mind and Heart By Julie DuBose

Miksang Life Blog with Julie DuBose