Miksang Teacher and Participant Image Galleries


Miksang Teacher Galleries

J-Small Julie DuBose, Founder of the Miksang Institute and
Miksang Publications. Julie lives in Lafayette, Colorado. 
Julie’s Miksang Gallery


Michael Michael Wood, Original founder of the Miksang Training Curriculum
Michael lives in Toronto, Canada.
Michael’s Miksang Gallery


SANO Brian Sano
Miksang Institute Instructor: ‘Opening the Good Eye’ 
Brian lives in Washington, D.C.
Brian’s Miksang Gallery


Hiltrud Hiltrud Enders
Miksang Institute Instructor in Europe for:
‘Opening the Good Eye’, ‘Making Contact’ and ‘Heart of Perception’.
Hiltrud lives in Düsseldorf, Germany.
Hiltrud’s Miksang Gallery 


April April Siegfried
Miksang Institute Instructor: ‘Opening the Good Eye’ 
April lives in Chicago, Illinois.
April’s Miksang Gallery


Fiona Fiona Wiseman
Miksang Institute Instructor: ‘Opening the Good Eye’ 
Fiona lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 
Fiona’s Miksang Gallery


Miksang Participant Galleries

Gilbert_Rios Gilbert Rios – Forest Hills, New York
Gibert’s Miksang Gallery


Todd Todd Roseman – Longmont, Colorado
Todd’s Miksang Gallery


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Ronald Barnett – Germantown, Maryland
Ron’s Miksang Gallery


Diana Dianna Micelli  Weisslingen, Switzerland
Diana’s Miksang Gallery


RA Richard Allon – New York City, NY
Richard’s Miksang Gallery


MB Margriet Boekhoorn – Arnhem, Netherlands
Margriet’s Miksang Gallery


CFR Cody Robertson – Wichita, Kansas
Cody’s Miksang Gallery


Karin Karin Prescott – Fairplay, Colorado
Karin’s Miksang Gallery