The Mechanics of Seeing with Ron Barnett

Workshop Format:
Zoom Meetings

Workshop Status:
Open for Registration

First Workshop

Saturday January 22 and Sunday January 23
Saturday January 29 and Sunday January 30
Saturday February 5 and Sunday February 6

Second Workshop

Saturday March 5 and Sunday March 6
Saturday March 12 and Sunday March 13
Saturday March 19 and Sunday March 20

Third Workshop

Saturday April 16 and Sunday April 17
Saturday April 23 and Sunday April 24
Saturday April 30 and Sunday May 1

Workshop Times:

All classes will take place from 11am to 1pm Eastern Standard Time

Workshop Description:

Opening the Good Eye: The Mechanics of Seeing focuses on developing the basic skills that we need to clear our minds of the filters, associations, and the basic prejudices that we all have, the likes, the dislikes, and the ignoring of what we consider unworthy of attention.

This is not strictly a photography course. It is about developing a state of being and a state of mind that is free of conceptual preoccupation. Only then can we have an experience of fresh, unconditional perception. And then we can use our camera in a simple way to express our perception precisely as it is seen.

It will be helpful if you have some experience in mindfulness/awareness meditation practice. As we say in Miksang,
“Seeing is a State of Mind”. Our courses are not just photography courses, and in order to fully participate and connect with what we are presenting, we will introduce you to a series of visual exercises called “Settling into Awareness” during your course of study. These visual exercises are the way in to direct seeing. You will find these amazingly effective ways in to opening up and transforming how and what you see.

Having said that, we do work with the technical aspects such as how to express our perceptions precisely with our cameras and bring our images to exactly express our perception in the editing process.

The Assignments of This Course are:

• Synchronizing Eye and Mind Through the Medium of Color
• Texture and the Full-bodied Experience of Seeing
• Seeing with the Mind of Simplicity

The Practices of Opening the Good Eye are:

Settling Into Awareness:
• Settling and Landing
• Recognizing Direct Perception

For a more detailed description about what we will be exploring in this Workshop go to:

Miksang Workshop FAQ Page

Cost: $300 USD

Required Reading: ‘Opening the Good Eye: A Path To True Seeing’ Available HERE

• Registration: To Register for any one of these three workshops Contact Ron Barnett

• Learn More: Read an interview with Michael Wood and Julie DuBose in the Kyoto Journal


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