What is Effort in Miksang

It is important to remember what we are doing when we turn our mind to become available to our visual world. Effort is not a struggle to be present, to see in a fresh way. It is simply the act of remembering.

What are we remembering?

We remember to bring ourselves into the present and to relax into our open, available state of mind. We simply remember to relax into our open, available state of mind. Then it is a natural situation. We expand our awareness out into space and we rest there, fully alert, fully tuned in with a big mind. In this state of openness, we don’t have to do anything. We are open, relaxed.


Once Ösel Tendzin compared the way we replace our habitual patterns of resistance to practice and relaxation to when we have a glass full of old water and we want to put in new water. We don’t pour out the old water, as that would be a bit too aggressive. We just keep filling the glass until the old water is displaced by the new.

This is what we do. This is how we develop our allegiance to our open state of mind and the taste of unmediated experience. We gradually loosen the grip of our habitual patterns. We bathe in relaxation in the present moment, not bothered by this’s and that’s, not joining the potential for struggle and confusion about what is what. It will all be just fine as it is. This is enjoyment. This is Miksang.

Julie DuBose

Effortless Beauty: Photography as an Expression of Eye, Mind and Heart is available at:

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