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Essential Simplicity


Hello Julie, I was touched by your remark in your last blog: ‘The obstacle of familiarity and labeling is a root of not being able to shoot a product with freshness….’That’s exactly the point I’ve been wrestling with for the last month. I was feeling so much resistence (hate..hate!) against ‘already seen’ Miksang images. Even if I had a real …

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Miksang in Commercial Photography


I received the following question recently from an old Miksang friend. I hope you find my response helpful: “I have a question that I’m struggling with and I would like to have your opinion. I’m doing commercial photography where images are extensibly manipulated to basically give what the client wants. How does one remain true to Miksang when doing commercial …

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On Vacation in an Exotic Location: Keeping Our Miksang Seat


Michael and I recently returned from a trip to Europe. In Paris we spent each entire day walking around the city from morning until sunset, taking in everything we could, enjoying the Parisian environment and its unique qualities. During the recharge period since we have returned home, we have been talking about our experience and today we really had a …

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