Some Key Miksang Reminders for The New Year


Dear Miksang Friends,

I hope this year brings wonderful perceptions, joy and wonder. I would like to sum up some of the main points from 2014’s MiksangLife blogs to help us get off to a fresh start in this New Year.

The desire to take good photographs and to appear to be successful at contemplative photography is probably the most deeply rooted, challenging obstacle that we all have.

It can prevent us from accomplishing our heart’s desire- to experience our lives as fully as possible. Don’t hold on to your successes and failures. Be free of self-cross examination, free of building a case for a point of view you are wondering if you should develop. These are habits that will only confound your ability to relax, see, enjoy, and express your experience of the visual world.

spigot and towel   

The method is not the point. Our Miksang “practice” is not the point.

When we relax our discipline, when we are simply being without thought or intention, this is when integration of our practice of seeing takes place.

This is when we feel unburdened by any need to do anything but receive. It is where the fertility of our being is. We can be spontaneous, carefree, and passionately expressive. We can enjoy an intimate relationship with our visual world. If we feel caught up in our thoughts, we can do more human camera, and then come back and relax our intention once again.


It is when we are stopped by perceptions in the course of our daily lives that we can find ourselves naturally and effortlessly seeing and expressing.


It is essential that we carry our camera with us. It reminds us to pay attention. The camera allows us to honor our experience of meeting our world through expressing and sharing it. If you don’t know how to use it to accurately express what you see without a sense of struggle, then it is time to take a course in how to use your camera! This is an essential part of true expression.

stalks in the snow

If you are feeling a lack of confidence in your ability to see freshly, I suggest that you pay attention and explore your intimate environment and just let yourself enjoy and play in the wondrous fields of perception of your ordinary world. You don’t have to make a big splash with the images you post. Just relax into your genuineness and ambition will dissolve into openness.


Express your perceptions. They are perfectly good, just as they are. Your perceptions, your experience, your heart beat, they are an expression of your humanity.

Be brave, be bold, and take a leap beyond your desire to succeed. Celebrate your goodness and the inherent goodness of your world through your images.

My best wishes for all of you for 2015,