Miksang Teacher Paul Giguere

“Miksang has taught me to slow down and experience the present moment, to have moments of clarity of perception. Miksang connects me to the visual world and it is that connection which gives me pure joy.”
Miksang has taught me to open my eyes, my mind, and my heart. To be still in the moment. To drop my labels and my need to categorize and compartmentalize. To see directly. Basically to give up and let go. Miksang has enriched my life and has provided me a way to have fresh perceptions and to use photography as a way to express those perceptions.  
I’m very grateful for what I have experienced on my Miksang path. I look forward to helping others discover the everyday perceptions and freshness that is always available to them and the joy that brings.

I live in the Boston, Massachusetts area and I’m available to teach anywhere in the U.S. (especially New England). Please contact me to arrange a workshop.
mobile: +1617-755-1754

Paul’s Miksang Gallery

Paul Giguere has studied the entire Miksang Institute Curriculum as well as graduating from the Miksang Teacher Training workshops with Michael Wood and Julie DuBose. He is authorized to teach Making Contact and Heart of Perception on behalf of the Miksang Institute.