Miksang Teacher Mitsue Nagase

To me, Miksang is a great way to keep a contemplative practice alive in your life and to explore the world through photography. While one can’t be fully free from his/her own way of interpreting reality, it is possible to be aware of the mind constantly try to “make sense”, and to be more open for a direct experience of the moment. A photograph taken with such an intention speaks for itself, and is a pure reflection of the photographer’s eye, mind and heart.

In Miksang, the emphasis is on how to be receptive and meet this fleeting world without your ideas and labels.  When it happens, the joy and ease of simply being emerges. I am grateful that I have met this path, and happy to share what I had learned with anyone who is interested in. 
Mitsue Nagase resides in Japan and the US.

She can be reached at: travelinglightphoto@gmail.com

Mitsue’s Miksang Gallery





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