Miksang Teacher Günther Burghardt

I discovered Miksang when I got in contact with the Shambhala Buddhist Lineage in 2011. The images I saw were so peaceful, clear and straight to the heart, that I immediately fell in love with them. They did not want to sell anything – they were just there, present in that very moment, nothing missing, nothing to be added. 

I wanted to learn more about this practice. So I started taking workshops with my teacher Hiltrud Enders in Düsseldorf/Germany and in 2016 with Michael Wood and Julie DuBose of the Miksang Institute in a workshop in Kyoto/Japan. It is because of their constant advice and guidance that I was able to develop on my path.

I regard Miksang as my daily practice and personal journey of seeing the world in a fresh and clear way, with a calm mind as foundation. It brings me joy and contentment, which I would like to share with others.

Since January 2021 I am authorized to teach “Making Contact” on behalf of the Miksang Institute.

I live in Bochum/Germany and I am available to teach in Europe in both English and German.

Günther Burghardt

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Günther has studied the entire Miksang Institute Curriculum as well as graduating from the Miksang Teacher Training workshops with Michael Wood and Julie DuBose. He is authorized to teach Making Contact on behalf of the Miksang Institute.

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