Miksang Teacher Barbara Kämmerer

“Miksang is for me joy of life. It makes my world much more colorful even on gray days. Since I experience this kind of perception, I also like rainy days and see colored reflections in puddles of water. Miksang is deceleration, perception, mindfulness, deepening. It is relaxing, fresh and clear, surprising, funny and touching.
In 2012 I attended my first Miksang course in Cologne and met my teacher Hiltrud Enders. At that time I still thought I would attend a photography course. In the meantime I have learned a lot about this way of fresh perception and attended many Miksang courses, some of them several times. In 2021 I completed the teacher training with Michael Wood and Julie DuBose. Miksang has become a part of my life.
Miksang grounds and calms me. How much I realized when I once spilled the coffee grounds in the kitchen. Instead of getting angry I thought, “Oh, what a beautiful pattern.” And took a picture. When I’m stressed at work and can’t remember where my head is, “Slow down, pause.” Photograph. Miksang is everywhere, in my everyday life.”
Barbara Kämmerer

I am available to teach in Germany

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Barbara has studied the entire Miksang Institute Curriculum as well as graduating from the Miksang Teacher Training workshops with Michael Wood and Julie DuBose. She is authorized to teach Making Contact on behalf of the Miksang Institute.

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