Miksang Mentoring with Michael Wood and Julie DuBose

• Individual or small group mentoring with Michael Wood and Julie DuBose via Zoom Meetings

•  Any previous workshop with a Certified Miksang Institute Instructor is a prerequisite 

• The time period is flexible and the content of the mentoring is determined by what the student wishes to focus on

• Includes in-depth instruction on camera use and image editing

We have found that presenting Miksang to individuals or small groups is a very effective way for students to come quickly to a deep experience and understanding of Miksang Practice. Mentoring provides an opportunity to work closely with us so that we can give special, focused attention to the student’s process of learning Miksang. Most people learn more effectively in a supportive environment with lots of attention and feedback, and mentoring allows us the ability to gauge and to nurture students’ understanding and development so that when there is clarity, it can be acknowledged and supported, and where there is confusion, it can be clarified as soon as it comes to light.

We can mentor a student through a particular aspect of the Miksang Curriculum and/or we can focus on areas the student feels they need or want to go deeper with. The content of the mentoring is determined by what the student wishes to focus on. Included in any mentoring situation is support for developing confidence in using the camera and editing, so that clarity of expression can be accomplished without unnecessary struggles.

Over the last four years we have implemented a number of significant changes in our curriculum that simplify, clarify, and refine how we present Miksang. It is very helpful for older students to become acquainted with these changes, and mentoring can provide a flexible way to do that.

• Here is a note from Amy Sedgwick, who did a five-day mentoring program in November 2019:

“The five days I spent in November engaging in mentorship with Michael and Julie was a profoundly positive experience. Not only was I able to immerse myself in the material from “Form, Space and Moments” (the next course in my progression through the Miksang curriculum) but I was able to deepen my experience of the various exercises that Michael and Julie have developed over the years. One of the outcomes of our work together was a new sequence of practices that I have found extremely effective at facilitating awareness and deep noticing. I felt this practice created a profound sense of stillness and presence that I attributed to a state of deep meditation. This feeling was sustained throughout much of our time together. I have continued to use this sequence of practices since returning home and it has heightened my awareness of the beauty of my everyday environment. I am enjoying experiencing my home and my daily life with fresh perception.

Mentorship allowed me to get personalized attention and feedback on my images; this feedback was instrumental in enhancing both my grasp of the material and my technical capacity to “form the equivalent.” Another benefit of individual mentorship was that the pace could cater to my individual pace and rhythm. As a result, the experience felt very flowing and supportive of my needs – physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Michael and Julie embody the virtues of honesty, compassion, and wisdom. I feel honoured to have been granted the opportunity to study with them and would recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity.”

Amy Sedgwick
Antigonish, Nova Scotia

If you are interested in taking part in individual mentoring with Michael and Julie, or are thinking about gifting someone you know with the opportunity to work closely with both of them, please contact us at info@miksanginstitute.com