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Making Contact With Paul Giguere

Workshop Format:
ZOOM Meetings

The class will have a maximum of 8 students.

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Important: Please take note that the first course in the Miksang Curriculum, Making Contact: Relaxing This – Discovering THAT, is a workshop about perception, learning to be open, available and receptive to seeing the world of form and the many varied aspects of our visual world. The assignments and visual practices are about developing the depth of our perceptual palate.We photograph exclusively in color and do not focus on any classic conventional photography themes, such as landscape and nature. We do not photograph in black and white and we do not use Photoshop

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Recommended Reading Material: To develop a clear understanding of the overview of Miksang Contemplative Photography and to be prepared for what takes place in the Making Contact workshop, we highly recommend reading the following e-book:

Opening the Good Eye: A Path to True Seeing

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