Making Contact with Michael Wood and Julie DuBose

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Zoom Meetings

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Saturday  April 3  and  Sunday April 4
Saturday April 10 and  Sunday April 11

Atlantic Time      10am – 12pm  /  3pm – 5pm
Eastern Time      9am – 11am  /  2pm – 4pm
Central Time      8am – 10am  /  1pm – 3pm

This online course is for participants in the above time zones only

The online workshop will have a maximum of 8 students.

NOTE: There are three hours between meeting times, during which participants will be photographing assignments, editing and uploading images on Dropbox.

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In this workshop we prepare ourselves to see and recognize when we have a fresh perception and how to understand it and express it clearly with our camera. We learn to develop a sense of equanimity about what we see. In Making Contact we work with our resistance to seeing without an agenda and our struggle to make our world conform to what we want to see. We discover that real seeing takes place on the other side of boredom. As we go beyond resistance and boredom, we discover a world of floating wonder for us to play in.

This course is an excellent opportunity for new participants to learn the fundamentals of Miksang Practice. How can we see our world without concept? How can we use our camera to express the joy and delight of seeing our world as it manifests to us in its pure form?

In the Making Contact Workshop we introduce the first two sections of the primary practice of Miksang called “Settling Into Awareness”: Recognizing Direct Perception, and Deep Noticing.

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• USA Residents: $395 USD

• Canadian Residents: $395 CAD

Required Reading: ‘Opening the Good Eye: A Path To True Seeing’ Available HERE

• The tuition includes the Opening the Good Eye Book Companion ($40.00 USD Value) in PDF Format.
  The Making Contact Course Companion PDF will be available for purchase at the workshop.



• NOTE: If this registration link is not active, the course is full.

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Meet Your Instructors

Michael Wood
Miksang Institute Founder and Teacher
Julie DuBose
Miksang Institute Founder and Teacher